The Valley Digital Business School, a company located in SUPPORT BUSINESS CENTER, hold an event entitled “PEOPLE AS A TRANSFORMING ENGINE IN BUSINESS”.

Representatives of companies Aguas de Barcelona, ​​Magento, Mutua de Propietarios and Happy Force participated. We were able to listen and reflect on such relevant ideas as the importance of well-executed leadership, the implementation of a horizontal structure in companies, the tendency to less hierarchical spaces of work, as well as the promotion of the creation of teams working autonomously and the balance between their own identity and the global objectives.

All this and more, under the evident change in the evolution of the workers and their jobs, whatever the type of companies they are.We do need the introduction of innovative technology, which entails several consequential changes.

As representatives of SUPPORT Business Center, we present one of our main conclusions.

What has caught our attention?

The question made by the moderator regarding what is one of the internal problems you face? It seems that the written communication between the persons who form a team is one of the obstacles to be managed and that at the moment it seems to be rather unsolved.

We believe that it is crucial that, in addition to verbal communication, there should be at the same time a good written communication between the members of the work teams.

We need to be able to write the concrete goal to achieve and it must be clear. For this to happen, our expression in communicating in writing must be concise and precise, no less extensive than the subject requires. It is not wasting time, it is gaining clarity to facilitate the work in and of the team.Therefore, it is necessary to search for the right words and use all kinds of linguistic complements, so only through this way we will make sure that everything is understood and can be executed as planned.

Attendance at such kind of events confronts you with the face-to-face of today’s business world, which facilitates your adaptation to environmental changes.





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